I guess that, once Barak Obama stuck his note in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before technology caught up with this most fundamental of Jewish customs.

Not in Jerusalem? You can now post your Western Wall notes via Twitter!

From the the same convoluted thought process that gave you the Kosher telephone, I am happy today to introduce you to “Tweet at the Kotel”!

Yes, using the power of Twitter, you can now Tweet Your Prayers @TheKotel, from anywhere in the world. And, whats more, its Free!

To quote the website – www.tweetyourprayers.info:

“When we created a user account for the Kotel (as it is called by Jews) we had several intentions in mind. First, and foremost, it was to use the popularity and prevalence of Twitter in order to make the Kotel more accessible to people around the world. It seemed perfectly sensible, almost trivial, to provide anyone on the planet the opportunity to quickly and easily place his prayer in the Kotel. Tweeting only takes a few seconds; it’s substantially easier, quicker and cheaper than hoping on a plane to Israel.

The Kotel Twitter’s account allows you to practice the old tradition of placing notes with your prayers in between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel, also known as The Kotel. All you need to do is to tweet your prayers and wishes, and they’ll be printed on real paper, cut down to small notes, and placed in the Wall. All this with respect to your privacy, from wherever you are and whichever device you are using.

I hope these guys have a good SPAM filter! Oh, wait a minute, there isn’t such a thing in Twitter. Is there?